Called Together.

Called Together is the online meeting place for Christian singles whom God is calling to live overseas or who want to be married to a likeminded person and share cross-cultural ministry together. The great problem for cross-cultural workers who are single is exploring the possibility of marriage with likeminded persons in a safe environment. Called Together has enabled hundreds of singles to find one another and begin to explore the possibility of marriage. Friends of mine created Called Together; Called Together is the real deal for overseas singles and for men and women who plan to go overseas in the future.

From the Called Together website:

Are you single, a follower of Jesus, and called to serve outside your home culture? Called Together is a global community of singles who are doing exactly that, whether serving through NGOs, in education, business, justice, media, or the arts. Called Together seeks to connect you to other singles who share your specific burdens and calling, who can partner with you, whether in teams or through godly marriages and family.

Called Together wants to remind singles who feel isolated by their commitment to God’s purposes: You are not alone. All over the world, there are other godly singles like you, who are no longer living for themselves. Through this website, we want to give you the opportunity to encourage one another, persevere together, partner with each other, and possibly find spouses among one another. This endeavor is for God’s glory, and also because we, and many others care for you.
Please let us know how we can serve you better, as we continue to shape this site.

How much does it cost? Called Together charges $9 per month for most of our users, and your first month is just $1.

This is not your typical Christian dating website. If you are familiar with Christian dating services, you know they will not help singles find a life partner who wants to live overseas. Called Together is different; it is for Christians who want to explore the possibility of marriage and life together in another culture.

Find out more about Called Together here.

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