Missio Nexus

The Greatest Mission Association that Every Mission Agency and Every Church Should Join

Missio Nexus is the most important association for every mission agency to join. Missio Nexus is also the most important mission association for every church to join. Ted Esler, president of Missio Nexus, is a missionary, a teacher, a visionary and a good man.. There is an annual Missio Nexus meeting every September. All the mission issues of our day are presented, from many viewpoints, at the annual meeting and on the Missio Nexus website. The Missio Nexus website recommends the greatest books on every mission topic. The website is a goldmine of podcasts and interviews on the topics of interest that matter most to mission agency leaders and church administrators. Now is the time to join Missio Nexus. Make it the priority membership organization for your church or mission agency. Find out more about Missio Nexus here.

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