Desert Valley Music Teachers Association

“That’s my grandson at the piano!”

Since 1980, the Desert Valley Music Teachers Association has been providing high quality music instruction and education to students across the Phoenix East Valley. Its Mission:

  1. To represent the highest standards of music teaching and performance within our membership.
  2. To provide continuous ongoing professional growth and training opportunities for all members.
  3. To foster cultural activities for students, parents and the community.
  4. To encourage excellence in student preparation and performance through honors or awards.

Blincoe: My grandchildren take piano lessons with a music teacher who is a member of the Desert Valley Music Teachers Association (DVMTA). The DVMTA is a professional society that holds its members accountable to certain professional and behavioral standards. In other words, a member can be expelled if they do not maintain the standards of membership. Holding one another accountable for certain expectations is what a sodality is all about. Read more about the Desert Valley Music Teachers Association here. Read more about sodalities here.

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