AHA Foundation

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Founder

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was born in Somalia to a Muslim family. She was raised in Kenya, until an arranged marriage was forced upon her. She moved to the Netherlands and asked for political asylum. She renounced Islam after the 9/11 terrorists attacks on America. She became an atheist and was praised by well-known atheists for her opinion that all religions lead humanity on a downward path. However, in November 2023 Ayaan Hirsi Ali said she has become a Christian. She wrote about her conversion here. It is a wonderful testimony. She writes, “I still have a great deal to learn about Christianity. I discover a little more at church each Sunday.”

Today we are promoting the AHA Foundation, which Ayaan Hirsi Ali founded in 2007. Its mission:

We stand up for universal human rights and oppose tyranny in all its forms, whether it comes from oppressive traditions such as female genital mutilation, honor violence, and child/forced marriage, illiberal ideologies shutting down free speech and inquiry on campus and beyond, or Islamist extremism.
We believe that Western values and ideals apply to and protect everyone. We champion a world defined by liberty for all.

You can read more about the AHA Foundation here. You can read a brief biography of Ayaan Hirsi Ali here.

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