The American Bible Society

Sharing the Life-Changing Message of the Bible.

The American Bible Society is probably the oldest Christian mission society in the United States. It was organized in 1816. Its headquarters moved recently from New York City to downtown Philadelphia, overlooking Freedom Square. Its mission:

Sharing the Life-Changing Message of the Bible. Jesus meets people in Scripture every day. His love and grace transform their lives forever. That’s why we’re committed to sharing the Bible with everyone in the world. People like you pray, give, and make our ministry go. And when God’s Word goes out, it never fails (Isaiah 55:11).

The Bible holds the words of life. The American Bible Society has been getting God’s Word into people’s hands and hearts around the world for more than 200 years. Requests for Bibles are still pouring in from every corner of the globe. Millions of people are still waiting for their First Bible. It’s up to the people who believe the Bible changes lives to do something.

Read more about the American Bible Society here.

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