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Called Together.

Called Together is the online meeting place for Christian singles whom God is calling to live overseas or who want to be married to a likeminded person and share cross-cultural ministry together. The great problem for cross-cultural workers who are single is exploring the possibility of marriage with likeminded persons in a safe environment. Called Together has enabled hundreds of singles to find one another and begin to explore the possibility of marriage. Friends of mine created Called Together; Called Together is the real deal for overseas singles and for men and women who plan to go overseas in the future.

From the Called Together website:

Are you single, a follower of Jesus, and called to serve outside your home culture? Called Together is a global community of singles who are doing exactly that, whether serving through NGOs, in education, business, justice, media, or the arts. Called Together seeks to connect you to other singles who share your specific burdens and calling, who can partner with you, whether in teams or through godly marriages and family.

Called Together wants to remind singles who feel isolated by their commitment to God’s purposes: You are not alone. All over the world, there are other godly singles like you, who are no longer living for themselves. Through this website, we want to give you the opportunity to encourage one another, persevere together, partner with each other, and possibly find spouses among one another. This endeavor is for God’s glory, and also because we, and many others care for you.
Please let us know how we can serve you better, as we continue to shape this site.

How much does it cost? Called Together charges $9 per month for most of our users, and your first month is just $1.

This is not your typical Christian dating website. If you are familiar with Christian dating services, you know they will not help singles find a life partner who wants to live overseas. Called Together is different; it is for Christians who want to explore the possibility of marriage and life together in another culture.

Find out more about Called Together here.

Exemplary Christian Associations in Europe: (12th of 12). Kingdom Code.

What is Kingdom Code? “Love Jesus. Love Tech.” (United Kingdom)

Kingdom Code is a community of people who love Jesus and love tech. We’re creatives, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, ideators and innovators. We gather often to encourage, inspire and spark serendipity. So, whether you crunch data, grapple with code, place every pixel or love casting vision, there’s a place for you to come, learn, grow, make friends, network and have fun. We want to explore how our Christian faith shapes the way we build digital tools.”

The Kingdom Code website says, “When the love of Jesus and a passion for tech collide, exciting things happen. Things that may just impact the Kingdom, things like Kingdom Code!

There is a page of job postings (for tech industry work in the UK) here.

Find out more about Kingdom Code here.

“Everyone’s Wilson.” Uniting the church, Engaging the Community so everyone thrives.

What is “Everyone’s Wilson?”

“Everyone’s Wilson” is a coalition of Gospel churches, marketplace leaders and nonprofits working together for personal and community transformation.

It began when Tim Bryant and Daryl Crouch started a long conversation about racial reconciliation. Tim, a black pastor and Daryl, a white pastor, believed Jesus would want them to lead their congregations to grow in love for one another. They believe that there is just one race, the human race, and that the solution to division between people is a heart change that only Jesus can accomplish. It’s love fueled by godly repentance that reconciles us to God and to one another.

From this friendship and their work together, other churches began to join in the conversation. They started to ask new questions about the community and the needs among their most vulnerable, marginalized neighbors.

After meeting with community leaders in March 2018, they identified the major needs in the community and decided that being “ministers of reconciliation” meant not only a change of attitude, but a change of actions. They believed that if Jesus-loving churches could work together to share and show the Gospel, God could transform the entire community.

So with a passion to unite and mobilize local congregations to do good and deliver hope to people who live in the most profound pockets of vulnerability in our community, Everyone’s Wilson was born.

The Gospel compels us to see every neighbor as fellow Image-bearers possessing inherent value and worth. We have the outlandish dream that every person in our community can experience the life God created them to live. So, we join Jesus’ kingdom work to produce spiritual and social transformation in the community.

“Everyone’s Wilson” is located in Wilson Country, Tennessee. Read more about it here.

Narrow Gate: Teaching the Trades, Making Disciples.

What is Narrow Gate?

Bill Spencer

Bill & Stacy Spencer founded Narrow Gate in 2004 in Duck River, Tennessee when they invited two young men to come stay in their home. Adam Stoner and Rob Rogers were both 19 years old and looking for direction in their lives. While living with the Spencers, Rob and Adam shared their dream of starting a wilderness program to help other young men like them.

“We wanted to create something for guys like us who had no idea what they wanted to do with their lives. We had both tried college right out of high school and it was an enormous failure for us both. We didn’t know how to get started, so we asked Bill and Stacy to help. From then on our dream just grew until it became a reality.” – Adam

“I didn’t know anything about God when Bill and Stacy invited me into their home. I was just glad to find a safe place to land that wasn’t my parent’s house. While living with Bill and Stacy I watched how they interacted and I wanted the peace they displayed. I became interested in knowing more about the “God” they talked about so often and it wasn’t long before I asked Christ into my life. Since then, my life has radically changed.” – Rob

By the end of 2004, Bill and Stacy had seven young men living in their three-bedroom, two-bath house and they realized God was up to something very special. In time, faithful friends supported the Spencers in establishing a not-for-profit organization and Narrow Gate was born. Since Narrow Gate Lodge opened its doors, almost 500 young men have experienced life transformation and the discovery of Truth.

Learning the trades. In 2013, through the gifts of generous partners, Narrow Gate launched its first craft business, a wood, metal and leather shop designed to employ Narrow Gate students and graduates, engaging them in business enterprise and craftsmanship. Originally called Narrow Gate Artisans, and then Narrow Gate Trading Co., the business became known as a source for quality, hand-crafted wood and leather goods where every purchase helped to support the work of Narrow Gate Lodge.

Three of the businesses Narrow Gate has created:

In 2018, Narrow Gate launched Narrow Gate Exchange to train and equip young men from other countries, enabling them to create sustainable Kingdom businesses with a goal of seeing communities and nations transformed with the whole gospel of Jesus Christ and emerging economies blessed and strengthened with jobs and hope.

Find out more about Narrow Gate here.

Exemplary Christian Associations in Europe: Christians in Science. England (11th of 12)

What is Christians in Science?

Science and religious faith are two of the most powerful influences on our culture today. The relationship between them is key to some of the big questions of life, but many think that science conflicts with belief in God. Even some within the Christian Church see science as a threat, undermining faith. By contrast, at Christians in Science (CiS) we believe that science actually enhances our faith in God. We are passionate about correcting the view that such a conflict exists. It is widely acknowledged, by historians, that modern science was nurtured and encouraged by a Christian worldview. Many of the pioneering figures in science believed in God and this tradition continues today. We aim to support the faith of Christians working in science and scientists in churches. By helping the Church present its message, CiS can become a church’s partner in mission to a sceptical world.

Who are we?

We are a network of research scientists in universities, commercial and government laboratories and hi-tech companies, engineers, theologians and philosophers, as well as students, school teachers, administrators and anyone interested in science and faith issues. CiS works closely with the Faraday Institute of Science and Religion, has links with the University and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF) and is a member of Transform Work and the Evangelical Alliance.

Our aims

1.  To develop and promote biblical Christian views on the nature and scope of science and its interaction with the Christian faith, bringing a biblical Christian perspective on scientific issues into the public arena.

2.  To encourage Christians who are engaged in scientific work to maintain an active faith, apply it to their professional lives and share it within the scientific community.

3.  To support churches by helping congregations appreciate the harmony of science and faith and assist them with outreach activities.

4.  To help Christian science students to integrate their religious beliefs with their studies and to support them as they graduate and progress in their careers.

5.  To stimulate responsible Christian attitudes and action towards care for the environment

For more on Christians in Science click here.

Exemplary Christian Associations in Europe: Firefighters for Christ International (10th of Twelve)

What is Firefighters For Christ?
In June 1978, Firefighters For Christ was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization with the mission statement, “To encourage firefighters to live their lives for Jesus Christ.” It comes from Hebrews 10:24-25 where the Word of God says, “And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.”

There are chapters in Italy, Ireland, England, the Philippines, Canada and the US.

Here is a one minute and sixteen second video explanation of Firefighters for Christ.

To find out more, click here.

Exemplary Christian Associations in Europe: Veterinary Christian Fellowship, England (9th of Twelve).

“Sharing Christ’s love through veterinary medicine.”

The Veterinary Christian Fellowship is an association of Christians in the veterinary and allied professions. Members come from all denominations and all areas of the veterinary professions.

Membership Statement of Faith: “In joining the Veterinary Christian Fellowship I declare my faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior, My Lord and my God.”

Click here to find out more about the Veterinary Christian Ministry

The American Counterpart is the Christian Veterinary Ministry, located in the State of Washington.

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Cameron Townsend

Cameron Townsend (1896-1982) was a missionary in Guatemala, selling Spanish portions of the Scriptures door-to-door. In those days all the missionaries spoke Spanish, even though 60% of the population of Guatemala was Native American Indian. One day one of the Indians confronted him, wanting to know why Townsend’s God didn’t speak his language. Townsend took the question seriously, and in 1919 settled in an Indian town on the coast where the natives spoke Kaqchikel, a Mayan language. Townsend concentrated on studying their unwritten language and over the next fourteen years he learned the language to the point where he could translate the Bible.[1]

By 1929, when he was 33, he had translated the New Testament, mounted literacy campaigns, founded five schools for bilingual instruction, started a small clinic, a small printshop and a Bible institute.

He organized Wycliffe Bible Translators in 1934 with a vision of translating the Bible into all the remaining languages in the world. Townsend estimated there were about 500 languages needing their own Bible translation. That number increased to 5000 languages as Wycliffe translators began to realize the great number of languages among the tribal peoples of the world. The tribal peoples who live on the islands of Papua New Guinea probably account for half of the remaining languages for which there is no Bible.

Finishing the Task: Wycliffe is recruiting the next generation of translators to begin the work of translating the Bible into all the remaining languages. There are hundreds of translation projects still to begin, but the number is finite, and one of these days the last translation will be completed. It could happen in our lifetime. Read about “the finish line” here. A great amount of information on the state of Bible translation can be studied “at a glance” by clicking here.

A partnering agency in Bible translation is “Faith Comes by Hearing,” which we featured here. “Faith Comes by Hearing” is the greatest effort ever undertaken to record the Bible in every language of the world and make the recordings available on the internet, free to everyone.


4KIDS. A Foster Care Ministry located in Southwest Florida

Jesus said, “I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you.” John 14:18

4KIDS foster care ministry is bringing hope, homes, and healing to kids and families in crisis across southwest Florida. Is God calling you to foster a child? Every day in southwest Florida, 6 to 10 children are removed from their homes because of abuse, neglect or abandonment. You can say “yes” to a kid in crisis in their most desperate time of need and provide hope, homes, and healing. Foster parents can be:

  • Empty Nesters
  • Newly married couples
  • Grandparents
  • a Single Adult
  • Homeowners or Renters

Kids need a place to belong and no matter what stage of life you are in, you can make a difference. No matter your age or level of experience with kids, there is a deep love that you can offer them in this time of great uncertainty.

Click here to find out more about 4Kids.

Exemplary Christian Associations in Europe: Christians in Architecture and Planning. United Kingdom (8th of Twelve).

An independent group of professionals trying to think through how being a Christian should affect what they do.

Seeking to glorify God:

  • By encouraging and helping all Christians engaged professionally in the practice or teaching of Architecture, Urban Design, Land Use and Transportation Planning to examine their profession and theories from a Christian standpoint;
  • By presenting Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord to those in these professions;
  • By encouraging closer fellowship and deepening faith between Christians;
  • By ensuring a Christian voice on the Professional matters of the day;
  • By supporting those preparing to enter the Professions.

Find out more about Christians in Architecture and Planning here.

Exemplary Christian Associations in Europe: British Association of Christians in Psychology (7th of Twelve).

What is the British Association of Christians in Psychology?

The British Association of Christians in Psychology was founded in 1989 (as the Network of Christians in Psychology), and from the outset we have been concerned with issues of integrating Christian faith and psychology at all levels, from the personal to that of society and its institutions. We have around 250 members representing qualified and trainee clinical, occupational, educational, counselling, and academic psychologists, in addition to secondary school psychology teachers and a contingent of undergraduate and graduate students. BACIP members represent a broad spectrum of Christianity, including Catholic and Protestant, high and low.

Members of the British Association of Christians in Psychology meet annually for fellowship, prayer, silence, and worship. You can read more about the British Association of Christians in Psychology here.

Exemplary Christian Associations in Europe: Association of Christian Financial Advisers. United Kingdom. (6th of Twelve).

What is the Association of Christian Financial Advisers?

“Money and Wealth under Biblical Principles. The Association of Christian Financial Advisers seeks to promote the Biblical Principles amongst our membership.”

Starting place: “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.” Thus, everything we “own” is, in effect, God’s. We merely hold money and possessions on trust for Him. Christian advisers are not automatically more qualified, more ethical or “better” than their non-Christian counterparts. But Christian advisers try to put Him first in everything that they do. This should add real value for the Christian client seeking to discern God’s will for their finances.

Angus McCrum
  • Ownership – God owns 100% of everything
  • Integrity – Deal fairly with others
  • Generosity – Give generously
  • Planning – Plan ahead
  • Borrowing and lending – Borrow cautiously and repay; lend freely
  • Savings and investment – Establish a savings plan
  • Provision for dependents – Make provision, don’t protect

The President of the Association of Christian Financial Advisers (ACFA) is Angus McCrum. You can find out more about ACFA here.

Christians Against Poverty. The Association of Christian Financial Advisers endorses a charity called Christians Against Poverty: “Let’s end UK poverty together Debt and poverty are ruthless. It’s time to take action. Together with local churches, we’re transforming lives and working to end poverty in the United Kingdom.” You can read more about Christians Against Poverty here.