Coming of the Friars, The

The Coming of the Friars, By Rosalind B. Brooke

This is the story of how St. Francis began the missionary movement that bears his name. The Franciscans still follow the rule sanctioned for them by Pope Honorius III early in the 13th century.

St. Francis and his followers were Friars Minor, “little brothers.” “It was a new name, to signify, he once said, a company of people differing in humility and poverty from all who had gone before, and content to possess Christ alone. He coined it in 1210 when he went to Rome with the 12 to seek approval from the Pope.”[1]

When there were eight, Francis sent them out as missionaries. “Go in pairs, through the different parts of the world, proclaiming peace to men, and repentance for the remission of sins. Be patient in trouble, confident that God will keep his promise. Reply humbly to questions, bless your persecutors, give thanks to those who injure and slander you, since on their account the kingdom of heaven is prepared for us.”[2]

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