Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions

This big book is a triumph of research that brings together hundreds of short articles on every important mission topic in the world. The editor, A. Scott Moreau, invited dozens of mission experts to contribute material on subjects of current interest and of a historical nature. It was published in the year 2000, just before the digital age placed all this information in the clouds. But many of us still like to read it in books, where we can study the material and remember what we read. The Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions is the 1000 page reference book for every student who wants to know what the experts know. Thank you, Scott Moreau! Here are some of the subjects beginning with the letter “A” compiled in the first pages of this masterpiece:

A. Scott Moreau
  • The Abolition Movement, 19th century
  • Adventist Missions
  • African Mission Boards and Societies
  • Agnew, Eliza (1807-83). first single woman missionary to Sri Lanka
  • Aidan of Lindisfarne (d. 651).
  • Aitolos, Kosmas (1714-79). Greek Orthodox missionary and martyr in the Balkans.
  • Aldersey, Mary Ann (1797-1868) English pioneer missionary to China.
  • Allan, George (1870-1941) Founder of the Bolivian Indian Mission.
  • Allen, Roland (1868-1947) Allen wrote, “There is a horrible tendency for an organization to grow in importance till it overshadows the end of its existence, and begins to exist for itself.”
  • American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, the first and most important 19th century American mission board.
  • American Samoa 50% of its 63,000 people are members of the Christian Congregational Church
  • Anabaptist Missions
  • Anglican Missions
  • Ansgar (801-865) Founded a monastery in Westphalia for newly converted Saxons.
  • Asian Mission Boards and Societies
  • Augustine of Canterbury In 596 Pope Gregory directed him to re-establish Christianity in England.
  • Augustine of Hippo (354-430)
  • Azariah, Vedanayakam Samuel (1874-1945) Founded the Indian Missionary Society in 1903 and the National Missionary Society of India in 1905.

Hundreds of more savory subjects follow, starting with the letter B, and so on all the way to Zwemer. A book like none other and well worth your reading time. Go to your library and order it from interlibrary loans, or purchase it here. ($80 for the paperback version)