Global Christianity: A Guide to the World’s Largest Religion from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe

This is the best reference book on Global Christianity today. Country by country, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, Gina Zurlo presents her meticulous research on the state of Christianity today AND the projected future of Christianity, based on current trends. Christianity is different in every country; the author covers topics such as “Christianity in Kyrgyzstan” and “Christianity in Chile.” The reader will become an expert on Christianity in every country after studying this book, or, more likely, will remember to reach for this book when he or she is curious about the world in which we live.

In some countries, the percentage of Christians has changed considerably since 1900. In African countries Christianity has gained many adherents, as tribal religions have given way to the message of the gospel. Christianity has grown rapidly in Malawi since 1900. The growth has been among animistic tribes, Christianity has not seen this kind of growth among the Yao Muslim people of Malawi. Malawi has become a Christian country with a Muslim minority.

Muslim countries, on the other hand, have become more dominated by Islam as Christians have left for the safety of Europe and North America. This trend is especially clear in Turkey and Iraq. This book is filled with the most up to date research on the state of Christianity. Research has always enabled Christians to how to pray and missionaries to know where to go. The reader will remember to pray for the day to come soon when “All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord” (Psalm 22:27).

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