Uncharted Mission: Going to the Final Frontiers

“Lord, why another mission agency? There are already so many good ones,” Greg Livingstone cried out on a beach in 1983. But, as he made his case to God that He should find someone else to change the world, the answer became clear: the world needed a new agency, operating in a new way, that would focus entirely on all Muslim peoples. In Uncharted Mission, D.C. Keane weaves together interviews with over one hundred missionaries who were willing to go where no one had gone before.

Here is the endorsement I (Bob B) wrote in the preface to Keane’s book:

A fire broke out in the village barn. The sturdy citizens stood helplessly while flames climbed the sides and engulfed the roof. Just when it seems that all was lost, they heard the firetruck siren. All eyes turned to the top of the hill as the volunteer fire brigade came into sight. Gathering speed, the firetruck raced straight on toward the burning barn. The crowd watched in astonishment, as they saw something they did not believed was even possible. That firetruck, with its bell ringing and its siren wailing, crashed right into the middle of the barn. Those brave firefighters battled the blaze from inside and extinguished the flames and saved the day. As the firefighters emerged from the smoke the crowd waved their hats and shouted their admiration. It was a sight never to be forgotten, and indeed the citizens would later tell their children and grandchildren of the wonderful deed of heroism that distinguished those from all others.

This is Frontiers.

Someone in the crowd said, “Let’s take up a collection.” When the hat was passed around, and the donation given to the captain, someone asked, “What are you going to do with the money.” “Well,” he replied, “We’re going to fix the brakes on this here firetruck.”

This too is Frontiers. God led Greg Livingstone to sound an alarm. A few brave volunteers did not think it through; they believed the cause was worth it: “God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” This is how Frontiers changed the world. This is the extraordinary story Dave Keane tells in this superb book.

As Greg says, “It’s too soon to celebrate, and too soon to quit.” I can show you a hundred cities in the Muslim world where millions are perishing. God is sending a new generation to the final frontiers, “and then the end will come.”  If you can think of anything better than that, you will have to tell me. As Jordan Grooms said, “If God calls me to be a missionary, I would not stoop to be a king.”

Bob Blincoe, President Emeritus, Frontiers US