Children’s Home Society of Washington

My mother had three children by the time she was 25, and who knows how many more she planned to have, when, unfortunately, she began to bleed, and the surgeon had to perform a life-saving hysterectomy. This was in 1955. “What? No more children?,” Mom thought. She had been the baby-sitter for every family in Dighton, Kansas at a younger age. Now, all grown up and not yet 30, she heard of a foster parent organization called the Children’s Home Society of Washington. Mom applied to be a foster mother. I still remember the name of the first baby that came to live at our house. In a few weeks a good home was found for that baby, and Mom asked to take care of another one.

So began our family’s mission: welcoming babies into our home and, for mom, crying a little each time the baby was placed into a permanent home. This went on for 60 years. Mom and Dad took care of about 330 babies, and only the sands of time brought the realization that it was time to sit in the easy chair. When Mom passed away in 2019, Dad made a tribute gift to Children’s Home Society in the State of Washington, where, for our family, it all began. Children’s Home Society of Washington provides all kinds of services for children these days. Its mission statement: “A Child Needs You.”

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