“Everyone’s Wilson.” Uniting the church, Engaging the Community so everyone thrives.

What is “Everyone’s Wilson?”

“Everyone’s Wilson” is a coalition of Gospel churches, marketplace leaders and nonprofits working together for personal and community transformation.

It began when Tim Bryant and Daryl Crouch started a long conversation about racial reconciliation. Tim, a black pastor and Daryl, a white pastor, believed Jesus would want them to lead their congregations to grow in love for one another. They believe that there is just one race, the human race, and that the solution to division between people is a heart change that only Jesus can accomplish. It’s love fueled by godly repentance that reconciles us to God and to one another.

From this friendship and their work together, other churches began to join in the conversation. They started to ask new questions about the community and the needs among their most vulnerable, marginalized neighbors.

After meeting with community leaders in March 2018, they identified the major needs in the community and decided that being “ministers of reconciliation” meant not only a change of attitude, but a change of actions. They believed that if Jesus-loving churches could work together to share and show the Gospel, God could transform the entire community.

So with a passion to unite and mobilize local congregations to do good and deliver hope to people who live in the most profound pockets of vulnerability in our community, Everyone’s Wilson was born.

The Gospel compels us to see every neighbor as fellow Image-bearers possessing inherent value and worth. We have the outlandish dream that every person in our community can experience the life God created them to live. So, we join Jesus’ kingdom work to produce spiritual and social transformation in the community.

“Everyone’s Wilson” is located in Wilson Country, Tennessee. Read more about it here.

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