Exemplary Christian Associations in Europe: The Association of Christian Teachers (United Kingdom) (4th of Twelve)

What is the Association of Christian Teachers?

The Association of Christian Teachers (ACT) is a network of Christian educators in the United Kingdom. Here is what they say about themselves:

We are passionate about living for Christ as we lead in the classroom. We provide resources to help you be an effective ambassador for Christ, and thrive professionally and spiritually. From nursery teachers to university lecturers to private tutors ACT exists to help Christian educators live boldly for Christ, lead effectively in their professional lives, and thrive in their places of education.

We work with partner organisations to deliver training and influence policy to protect the children.

As it was in the beginning, the Holy Spirit establishes two kinds of structures for God’s redemptive mission, churches and sodalities. Sodalities are voluntary associations of like-minded Christians who organize themselves to accomplish a particular mission. You can read more about the Association of Christian Teachers here. A similar organization has been established in the United States: The Association of Christian Teachers and Schools.