Exemplary Christian Associations in Europe: Christians in Science. England (11th of 12)

What is Christians in Science?

Science and religious faith are two of the most powerful influences on our culture today. The relationship between them is key to some of the big questions of life, but many think that science conflicts with belief in God. Even some within the Christian Church see science as a threat, undermining faith. By contrast, at Christians in Science (CiS) we believe that science actually enhances our faith in God. We are passionate about correcting the view that such a conflict exists. It is widely acknowledged, by historians, that modern science was nurtured and encouraged by a Christian worldview. Many of the pioneering figures in science believed in God and this tradition continues today. We aim to support the faith of Christians working in science and scientists in churches. By helping the Church present its message, CiS can become a church’s partner in mission to a sceptical world.

Who are we?

We are a network of research scientists in universities, commercial and government laboratories and hi-tech companies, engineers, theologians and philosophers, as well as students, school teachers, administrators and anyone interested in science and faith issues. CiS works closely with the Faraday Institute of Science and Religion, has links with the University and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF) and is a member of Transform Work and the Evangelical Alliance.

Our aims

1.  To develop and promote biblical Christian views on the nature and scope of science and its interaction with the Christian faith, bringing a biblical Christian perspective on scientific issues into the public arena.

2.  To encourage Christians who are engaged in scientific work to maintain an active faith, apply it to their professional lives and share it within the scientific community.

3.  To support churches by helping congregations appreciate the harmony of science and faith and assist them with outreach activities.

4.  To help Christian science students to integrate their religious beliefs with their studies and to support them as they graduate and progress in their careers.

5.  To stimulate responsible Christian attitudes and action towards care for the environment

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