Faith Comes by Hearing

Recording the Bible in Every Language of the World

Faith Comes by Hearing records the Bible in nearly every language of the world. Then it makes these recordings available for free on the internet. I am personally grateful for the recording of the Bahdini Kurdish New Testament that Faith Comes by Hearing did for us Listen to Matthew chapter 1 here. There is more: Faith Comes by Hearing makes movies of the life of Jesus in hundreds of languages. Here is what Faith Comes by Hearing says:

  • We record reliable translations of God’s Word in the languages of the world in collaboration with heart-language speakers and have initiated Oral Bible Translation projects.
  • We freely provide Bible recordings to communities around the world and equip local believers to host Audio Bible listening programs.
  • We partner with like-minded ministries to share God’s Word and engage the last, least, and forgotten like never before.

Learn more about Faith Comes by Hearing here. And download the app, called, and listen on your phone, the way millions of people hear God’s word all over Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

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