Honoring My Father on the Occasion of his Passing

Dear readers, I pause to honor my father, Robert Melville Blincoe, who died at the age of 95 yesterday. He was the bravest and best man I ever knew. He was the best father anyone could ever have. He and mom raised a family, then became foster parents, taking care of babies who were waiting to be adopted. My parents welcomed 350 babies into their home in a career that lasted 5 decades. Think of that! Seven new foster babies every year for 50 years. My father outlived my mother, Marilyn, by four years. They are together again at last. They are reunited with my sister, who died so young. Dad cheered every heart and healed every human sorrow that he could. How I wish I could phone him again and hear him say, “Hello Robert!” Dad always said, “I am the most fortunate person in the world.” If you can think of anything better than that you will have to tell me. We miss him already. It will not be long until we see him again. Jesus Christ our Risen Lord said, “Because I live you too shall live.”

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