Missions Development International

Mentoring, equipping and consulting with Christian leaders and their ministries, to transform their cultures.

Marti Scudder
Steve Lorenz

How Missions Development International got started. In the mid-1990’s, while serving on the staff of a church in Nashville, TN, our founders Steve Lorenz and Marti Scudder began establishing, developing and assisting business start-ups in Ukraine. This was not long after Ukraine had received its independence. Steve and Marti helped local business leaders operate within an ethical framework and Christ-like manner—a concept foreign to many people in this post-Soviet environment.

Leaders of local Christian ministries began approaching Steve and Marti asking for professional development, personal counsel, and ministry strategy advice. Over a period of time, they felt the Lord leading them to serve these ministry leaders, who had nowhere else to turn.

In 1998, Missions Development International began as a ministry dedicated to mentoring and consulting Christian leaders.

Aaron Yusef Johnson, C.O.O.
Heather Karls Chaniott, President

Today, MDI has a team of 22 mentors who pour into the lives of ministry leaders around the world, including 26 countries, many US states, and throughout Middle Tennessee. The mentors build trusting relationships and help navigate organizational issues as well as provide a safe place to discuss personal struggles. In addition, MDI provides a variety of resources to better equip national and international leaders.

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