Presbyterian Mission History (6th of 12). Ninety-Five Notable Presbyterian Missionaries

I am pleased to introduce the reader to 95 notable Presbyterian missionaries whose biographies are included in Gerald Anderson’s majisterial reference book, the Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions. Click on the names to read more.

Presbyterian MissionaryBirth and DeathBegan
Missionary Service
Country or Region of Missionary Service
Horton, Azariah1715-17771742Montaukett and Shinnecock Indians of Long Island
Brainerd, David1717-17471742Delaware Indians
Brainerd, John1720-17811756Delaware Indians
Kirkland, Samuel1741-18081764Oneida and Tuscarora Indians of Central New York
Stockton, Betsey1798-18651822Hawaii
Bacon, Sumner1790-18441826Texas
Smith, Eli1801-18571826Lebanon, Syria
Jones, Charles C.1804-18631830American slaves
Fleming, John1807-18941833Muskogee (Creek) Indians
Wilson, John and Jane1809-19961834Liberia, Gabon
Grant, Asahel and Judith1809-18441835Persia, Kurdistan
Stevens, Jedediah D.1798-18771835Stockbridge and Dakota Indians
Whitman, Marcus and Narcissa1802-18471836Cayuse Indians
Anderson, Louisa__?__-18821840Jamaica and Nigeria
Priest, James, M.__?__-18831843Liberia
Happer, Andrew and Elizabeth1818-18941844China
McCartee, Divie Bethune1820-19001844China, Japan
Wilder, Royal G.1816-18871846India
Cochran, Joseph Gallup and Deborah1817-18711848Urmia, Persia
Blyden, Edward Wilmot1832-19121850Liberia
Rhea, Samuel Audley1824-18651851Persia, Kurdistan
Rankin, Melinda1811-18881852 Mexico
Nevius, John L.1829-18931853 China
Kerr, John Glasgow1824-19011854 China
Giffen, John Kelly1853-19321854 Egypt, Sudan
Jessup, Henry Harris1823-19101855 Lebanon, Syria
Gordon, Andrew1828-18871855 India
McGilvary, Daniel1828-19111858 Siam
Jackson, Sheldon1834-19091858 Western US, Alaska
Simonton, Ashbel Green1831-18671859 Brazil
McFarland, Samuel Gamble1830-18971860 Siam
McBeth, Sue L.1830-18831860 Choctaw, Nez Pierce Indians
Nassau, Robert H.1835-19111861 Gabon, Guinea
Mateer, Calvin Wilson1836-19081864China
Corbett, Hunter1835-19201865 Cheefoo (Yantai) China
Dennis, James Sheppard and Mary1842-19141868Lebanon/Syria
Wherry, Elwood Morris1843-19271868 India
Noyes, Harriet N.1845-19241868China
Seward, Sarah Cornelia1833-18911871 India
Safford, Anna Cunningham1837-18901873 China
Graybill, Anthony T.1841-19051874 Mexico
Guerrant, Edward O.1838-19161875Appalachia
Young, Samuel Hall1847-19271878Alaska
Cochran, Joseph Plumb1855-19051878Urmia, Persia
Ewing, James C. Rhea 1854-19251879India
Wilson, Samuel Graham1858-19161880Tabriz, Persia
Good, Adolphus C.1856-18941882Gabon, Cameroun
Reid, Gilbert1857-19271882 China
Allen, Horace and Frances 1858-19321884Korea
Gilman, Frank P.1853-19181885China
Underwood, Horace Grant1859-19161885Korea
McCandliss, Henry M.1859-19311885China
Haymaker, Edward M.1859-19481887Guatemala
Wilder, Grace1861-19111887India
Griswold, Hervey1860-19451890India
Moffett, Samuel Austin1864-19391890Korea
Sheppard, William H. and Lucy1865-19261890Congo
Melrose, Margaret and John1868-19511890China
Lapsley, Samuel 1886-18921890Congo
Baird, William M.1862-19311891Korea
Wilder, Robert P.1863-19381891India 
Shedd, William Ambrose1865-19181892Urmia, Persia
Hyde, John1865-19121893Punjab, India 
Morrison, William McCutchan1867-19181893Congo
Eddy, Mary Pierson1864-19231893Lebanon 
Chestnut, Eleanor1868-19051894China
Luce, Henry Winters1868-19411897China
Higginbottom, Sam1874-19581898India
Rodgers, James B.1865-19441899Philippines
Williams, John Elias1871-19271899China, martyr
Thurston, Matilda, S.1875-18571900Marash (Turkey) China
Kepler, Asher1870-19421901China
Edmiston, Althea1874-19371902Congo
Stuart, John Leighton1876-19621904Hangzhou, China
Fleming, Daniel1877-19691904Lahore, India
Reischauer, August Karl1879-19711905Japan
Donaldson, Dwight Martin and Bess1884-19761907Mashad, Iran; Alighar, India
Hunnicutt, Benjamin1886-19621907Brazil
Lambie, Thomas A.1885-19541911Ethiopia
Mills, W. Plumer1883-19591912China
Burgess, Paul and Dora1886-19581913Guatemala
Bell, L. Nelson1894-19731916Jiangsu, China
Wilson, J. Christy Sr.1891-19731919Tabriz, Persia
Miller, William M.1892-19931919Persia
Graham III, James Robert1898-19821921China, Taiwan
Rycroft, William S.1899-19931922Peru
Clark, Charles Allen1878-19611923Korea
Price, Francis (Frank) Wilson and Essie1895-19741923China
Moninger, Mary Margaret1891-19501924Hainan, China
McClure, William Don1906-19771928Sudan, martyr
Smith, John Coventry1903-19841929Japan
Shaull, M. Richard1919-20021942Colombia, Brazil
Moffett, Samuel Hugh1916-20151947Korea
Winter, Ralph D. and Roberta1924-20091956Guatemala
Haines, Byron Lee1928-19901956Pakistan

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