Project Suma

Seventy percent of women in Bolivia are survivors of sexual or physical violence. Project Suma helps survivors of trafficking create a better world for themselves and their families.

Andrea and Andy Baker came to La Paz in 2001 to help women in the red light district. With over two decades of experience, they are healing the victims of abuse and teaching them skills and bringing them to faith in God.

Integrity. Through intimacy with Jesus, we seek to live in accordance with what we say and do, striving for transparency and excellence in all areas of our life.

Justice. We seek to right wrongs against the most vulnerable. We seek to extend honor to all in accordance with the values of the Kingdom of God.

Compassion. Through our lives of service, we celebrate compassion as a sacrificial act of identification in the midst of suffering.

Community. We create a safe space for the care and mutual growth of all.

Creating wealth for the poor. The women of the Suma community make quality handbags and clothing as a way to support themselves. You can see their handiwork and read their stories here.

You can learn more about Project Suma here.

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