Sacred Flight

Stringed Instrument Music Played at a Vigil.

My dear friend Bill Buck passed into the arms of our heavenly Father this week. Jesus said, “Because I live you shall live also.” Bill and I met in the dorms at the University of Oregon so many years ago. We both became Christians in January 1970. On the last night of his life, as his breathing became labored, Bill’s wife invited a harp player to come to the home and play. As she played music, Bill’s labored breathing eased. As he was approaching the end, Bill opened his eyes and looked directly at his wife and saw her. This was a gift; Bill has been blind for 20 years. Anne climbed up next to Bill. Earlier in the week Bill had said, “I want to see before I die.”

That is what happened.

The harp player was from Sacred Flight. Their mission: “We serve people who are terminally ill or dying, providing live music prescriptively with harp and voice in hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, and private residences in the greater Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, areas.” I could not find harp music on the Sacred Flight website, but you can listen to harp music here.

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