Seeing the Mission Task Graphically (5th of 8 Illustrations). Mapping the Frontier “Unreached” Hindu and Muslim Peoples of India

Question: What is a frontier people? Answer: A frontiers people means No Christians, or fewer than one Christian in a thousand. Here is what one in a thousand looks like:

Click here to view a YouTube explanation of frontier peoples.

Question: How many missionaries are serving among India’s 1942 frontier peoples? Answer: Even though there are about 12,000 paid missionaries and evangelists in India (2,000 foreigners and 10,000 Indian evangelists), they tend to bunch up among the Dalits (Untouchables) and historical Christians. There are zero missionaries or evangelists among India’s frontier peoples.

Question: Where can I find the best online data on Frontier people groups? Answer: The best online data is at The Joshua Project.

Question: How many Frontier people groups in the world have populations of more than a million people? Answer: 291 Frontier peoples have populations of more than a million people. That means no churches, no missionaries. Click here to see an interactive map of frontier people groups with populations of more than a million.

Question: How many Frontier peoples in the world have populations less than a million but more than 100,000? Answer: About 1000 Frontier peoples have populations less than a million but more than 100,000. Click here to see an interactive map of Frontier peoples with populations of more than 100,000.

Question: Sending missionaries to the frontier peoples : the highest priority? Answer: Dear Reader, Paul was called to frontier peoples. He wrote, “I made it my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known, that I might not build on another person’s foundation. As it is written, ‘Those who have never seen shall see, and those who have never heard shall hear’” (Romans 15:20). There are zero missionaries among ANY frontier people groups. One day at church a man asked me, “How many missionaries are there in such and such a location?” I replied, “Zero.” He got a bit wild. “Zero! How can there be zero?!” He was so bothered that he and his family applied to Frontiers and became missionaries in that very place. That is how I learned the power of “Zero.” Dear Reader, there are zero missionaries among frontier peoples. Zero missionaries, zero churches. The world cannot end like this, not with the promises of God. Every people, every nation, every language present at the great feast at the end of time. Sending missionaries to frontier people groups is the highest priority.