Seeing the Mission Task Graphically (7th of 8 Illustrations) Where there are no push pins in any missionary maps.

You remember the missionary push pins we used to see displayed in church lobbies. I liked them. We have collected the data from all the overseas mission agencies to create a digital map of “where there are no pushpins in any missionary maps.”

This late in history, and still there are about 4900 frontier non-Christian peoples, in the regions beyond, “where there are no pushpins.” These 4900 frontiers peoples are Muslim and Hindu peoples. They mainly live in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The combined population of all frontier peoples is about 2 billion. You can view the data of all 4900 frontier peoples on the Joshua Project website here.

Where is the need the greatest? Arguably the greatest need is where there are no missionaries and no churches. Missionaries tend to bunch together where there are amenities galore. In fact, most missionaries go short term to the places where missionaries opened the doors a hundred or more years ago. God sent Paul and Barnabas to “the regions beyond” (2 Corinthians 10:16). Paul wrote, “I made it my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ is not known, that I might not build on another man’s foundation. As it is written, ‘Those who’ve never heard will hear; those who have never seen will see.”

John Piper asks, “Why, after all these centuries, and with all our resources, are there still thousands of unengaged peoples?” You can listen to his answer here. Don’t admire the pioneering missionaries; Become a pioneering missionary and go where there are no pushpins.