Steller Kindness Project

When Katie Steller was 18, her life was changed by a caring hairstylist. Now Katie sets up a big red chair in the sketchy neighborhoods of Minneapolis and gives haircuts to homeless people.

That is how it began. What is the Steller Kindness Project? 

“We are a platform motivated to share stories of quiet acts of kindness.  We celebrate people who are positively impacting others, sometimes without even realizing it. This project is meant to inspire.  We believe that if we want to see macro changes in our word, it needs to start on a micro level.  It starts with showing up and being kind to the person right in front of you.”

How does the Steller Kindness Project work?

We start with a nomination.  It is so powerful when someone authentically shares the impact another person has had on their life.  We ask that people “nominate” someone for the project, which means sharing why/how their kindness matters.

Here is a link to a 2 minute interview with Katie Steller.

Read more about the Steller Kindness Project here.

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